Teaching & Outreach


  • Winter 2019/20 – 2020195020 Organische Chemie der Materialien [WOC3]

Heft 1- Copolymere und Taktizität [Download]

Heft 2 – Supramolekulare Polymere [Download]

Heft 3 – Konjugierte Polymere und Oberflächensynthese [Download]

Heft 4 – Ringförmige Polymere [Download]

  • Winter 2019/20 – 2020195039 Allgemeine und Anorganische Chemie (AAC)

Kursführer 2019/20 [Download]

Heft 1 – Energetik und Kinetik chemischer Reaktionen [Download]

Resumé der Mathematik für Chemiker [Download]

Evaluation [Download]

  • Winter 2018/19 – 20283 Allgemeine und Anorganische Chemie (AAC)

AAC 2018-19 Vorlesung [Download]

AAC 2018-19 Begleitfolien [Download]

Heft 1- AAC 2018-19 Energetik und Kinetik chemischer Reaktionen [Download]

Resumé der Mathematik für Chemiker [Download]

  • Summer 2017 – New Synthetic Methods – MC270P85
  • Winter 2016/17 – Organic Chemistry II – MC270P81

Course Guide 2016/17 [Download]

  • Winter 2016/17 – Organic Functional Materials – MC270P88
  • Summer 2016 – New Synthetic Methods – MC270P85

Course Guide 2016 [Download]

  • Winter 2015/16 – Organic Chemistry II – MC270P81
  • Summer 2015 – New Synthetic Methods – MC270P85
  • Winter 2014/15 – Organic Chemistry II – MC270P81

Mock exam paper 28/12/2014 [Download]

Comprehensive Manuals

  • Prediction of gas adsorption selectivity by ideal adsorption solution theory (IAST) [Download]

Ideal adsorption solution theory (IAST) fitting and analysis performed with commercial scientific graphing and data analysis software (Wolfram Mathematica 9.0 and Microsoft Excel) based on [J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 133, 5664-5667]. Supporting Material:  IAST_spreadsheet_KrXe.xlsx

  • Follow your journals using RSS and Yahoo! Pipes [Download]

Stay on top of the newest developments in your field using Yahoo! Pipes to aggregate and filter RSS feeds.


  • Elektronik, die sich die Welt leisten kann, Science Slam, Stadtbibliothek Köln, Oct 2018
  • Neue Transportwege für Gase, Science Slam, Berlin, May 2014


  • Analysis of Carbodeon’s Nicanite®, March 2013 [OPEN ACCESS]

Data Book

A collection of formulae, constants and conversions useful in Chemistry. Dr James Keeler and the University of Cambridge, Department of Chemistry are acknowledged for compiling the bulk of this booklet and making it available online.

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